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Archive for October 29, 2014

Beauty Slacker

I’ve been slacking lately… not just in writing, but in my personal care as well.

Actually, there are several things that I usually slack off on — sometimes seasonally, and sometimes always… I usually don’t even think about it… but I recently read a post by Tine over at Beautyholics Anonymous that made me think.

Am I a slacker, too?  Yah, you betcha!

I jumped on the meme bandwagon...

I jumped on the meme bandwagon… you can make one too at What I Really Do.

Nailpolish: Most of my friends have lovely hands with perfect, manicured nails.  Me, not so much.  As someone who has to haul equipment, set up a booth, sit outside and use facepaints (which DO stain just about everything, especially the red paints), it’s almost impossible for me to maintain a manicure longer than a couple days.  When I absolutely, positively need to look like a lady, I will get a gel manicure — which usually lasts about a week and a half but afterwards my nails feel more brittle so I like to let my nails recover in between polishes.  One of my henna colleagues uses henna on her nails and it turned the same shade of auburn as her hair… it looked good on her so I might try that in the future… but since henna dyes the nails, it will last for months and months… if I don’t like the look, I may end up using more nail polish!

Pedicures: I am more diligent with pedicures than manicures, mainly because they last such a long time and when I’m putting in long distance walking, I like to pamper my feet.  In the summer, I try to get a pedicure once a month.  In the winter, it ends up being every 3-4 months.  With socks and closed toe shoes, my toenails are out of sight and out of mind…

Shaving: I am fortunate to have Northern European ancestry in the hair department.  While my genes give me much high risk for skin cancer, they also have bestowed my legs with sparse, fairly light hair.  So I go by the rule, if I can’t see them, I won’t shave them, especially in the “winter” when I wear long pants or leggings or tights.

Taking makeup off every night: When I am awake, I am very conscious to remove my makeup before getting ready for bed.  It’s right up there with brushing my teeth and taking my calcium.  But lately, there have been evenings where I sit on the couch, a cat on the lap, a science documentary on the TV… and then the next thing I know it’s 3am, so I just slip into my pajamas and get in the bed… without washing my face… or brushing my teeth until morning. Sad, I know. Perhaps I should start washing up for bed at 7pm just in case….

Styling my hair: I am a wash n’ wear kind of girl.  I own a blowdryer, but have only used it once for my hair… it finds more use drying glitter tattoos at events than it does in my bathroom. My hair routine now is: wash with cleansing conditioner.  Use a small dollop of leave-in conditioner.  Mix curl cream with gel and massage that in.  Scrunch and go.  If my hair looks awful when all is dried later on in the morning, I slap on a headband and carry on.

My glitter tattoos see more of my dryer than my hair does!

My glitter tattoos see more of my dryer than my hair does!

Multi-step routines using the same product line: I wish I could find a product line I could be loyal to.  And I wish I could simplify life by just using their line-up of products.  But each line seems to have something that either I find ridiculously expensive (usually a cleanser), or that irritates my skin or doesn’t seem to work.  I suppose that is the fate of a skincare junkie: to constantly search for the newest, greatest skincare product or routine.

Face and body sunscreen: I use facial sunscreens on my neck and arms.  I use body sunscreens on my face when I go for long walks. The facial sunscreens are usually easier to apply, more moisturizing and don’t require a major rubdown to get rid of the white cast.  Body sunscreens are usually goopy, waterproof and don’t budge when I am out there doing 4 miles in the hot sun.

And let’s not get started on my minimalist daily make-up routine…. while I love makeup, I usually wear just BB cream, concealer, a smidge of eyeliner and lipgloss if I remember.  Often, I remember the lipgloss while I’m on my way to somewhere and I end up applying in the car during a stoplight.  No mascara, no blush, no eyeshadow.  When I have a gig, I’ll do everything but false eyelashes if the occasion calls for it, but for just running errands, taking classes, or going shopping, I’m a no-frills gal.

How about you?  Are you a slacker?

Bee-utiful! Portland Bee Balm

I do love a good lip balm.

And I care about honeybees. The global epidemic of declining honeybee populations has serious consequences for the entire food chain, not just the supply of honey and beeswax.

And one way to support the honeybee cause AND protect your lips from chapping at the same time is to try Portland Bee Balm.

The balm comes in Oregon mint and unscented.

The balm comes in Oregon mint and unscented.

The good folks at Portland Bee Balm sent me a couple of samples to try and also 2 sets to share.

The ingredient list is super simple: Certified organic coconut and olive oil, Oregon beeswax, and Oregon organic peppermint oil. The unscented variety leaves out the peppermint oil.

The label is made from unpulped wood.  That’s right, it’s a very thin slice of wood instead of a paper label and the ink is sustainable soy ink. According to the website, their labels use fewer resources to create than conventional labels.  And they are also beautiful — the texture of the label begs to be touched.

The balm itself is basic and does a great job!  I use the Oregon Mint variety and it not only protects my lips, it’s a nice cuticle conditioner as well.

Hubby commandeered the unscented because it is the perfect balm for bearded gentlemen to use with snorkel masks — and we do hope to go snorkelling again, soon!

I have 2 sets of Portland Bee Balm (Oregon Mint and Unscented) to give away!

This is very quick giveaway since I leave for NY next Wednesday for a week of family wedding celebrations (sister-in-law is tying the knot!).

Have fun and good luck!
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