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Who Do You Love?

The Kickin’ It Old Skool Blogathon challenge for today is to share your loved ones!

Hubby wants as small an online presence as possible — so no photos of him… instead I will share a photo of Genghis Khan from the History Channel.  Mr. Junkie bears a strong resemblence to the leader of the largest empire in the world at that time. (And if he were allowed to smote students who do not study…)


Mr. Junkie looks remarkably like Genghis Khan minus the cool hat and armor. Imagine if you will, the conqueror of the whole of Asia in a NASA polo shirt and jeans, yielding powerpoint presentations instead of a sword…


Miss Java aka Princess Java aka Dumpling or Baozi in Chinese.  I guess she will soon be called Mandoo by her Korean grandma…

Miss Sahara, Trouble, Dust Devil aka Mafan which means trouble in Chinese.

Miss Sahara, Trouble, Dust Devil aka Mafan which means trouble in Chinese. In Korean, trouble is pronounced Sugo… In any language, Sahara is a difficult cat — she knocks over the garbage can, she pees outside the box and she beats up Miss Java.  But we love her dearly.  When she’s not being evil, she chases her ball in a track, kills strings and purrs louder than anyone!

That’s our family!  The girls are going to Grandma’s house this year for Christmas — and then we will leave them in New York while we go to Hawaii for sabbatical.  Yes, it’s a very long ways to take them and we probably won’t get them back before June (if ever) … but Grandma misses her cats and hubby would like family to care for them while we are away for such a long time.  Our housesitter is nice, but has no experience with elderly cats… We lost our beloved cat, Josiah, to catsitter negligence one year and that still haunts us.

Josiah, our sugar cat, had diabetes.

Josiah, our sugar cat, had diabetes which was well-controlled with daily insulin shots. Something happened with the catsitter — either the wrong dose was given, or more likely, no dose was given.  He went into a diabetic coma on Christmas Eve 2006 and died two days later. Rest in peace, sweet kitten.

Who’s in your family?



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