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Friday Fitness: Getting back on track


It’s been a pretty eventful week!

  • Worked a gig in Palm Springs, then tripped and sprained my ankle as I left the hotel to return home.  Drove with a sprained ankle, then worked a shift at Seaport Village. Not the best of things to do.
  • Saw the podiatrist on Monday and got diagnosed with Plantar’s Fasciitis, a very common syndrom.  I now have Superfeet inserts for all my shoes, and a lovely splint to wear at night. Also, I’m not allowed to walk barefoot (wah!) or wear sandals… hopefully, I will be able to transition back to sandals in a few months because closed-toe shoes in the summer is torture!
Medtherapies Plantar Fascia Night Splint

My lovely night splint looks something like this…

My fashion focus this week has been comfortable shoes that accomodate both orthotic insoles AND the stabilizing wrap for the sprained ankle.  It’s a rather old-lady look, but I’m able to walk and the pain is diminishing… so I choose comfort over style for now.

Despite limited mobility and the prescription to rest and elevate my ankle as often as possible, I did manage to lose 1.6 lbs this week!

Woo hoo!

And what’s making the difference is tracking.  I am using MyFitnessPal several times a day to log my food and water intake and any exercise I’ve done, and daily weighing on the Aria scale (I know they recommend weighing yourself only once a week, but I can’t resist using the new toy!) sends the information to MyFitnessPal’s dashboard so it’s all right there in plain English.

Plus, when I made a pie yesterday (for Pi Day), I was able to get the full calorie and nutrition information from the recipe builder section of MyFitnessPal.

Information is power. And I chose to have a smaller portion of dinner so I could have some pie. Life is just not worth living without an occasional slice of pie (says the woman who grew up in Tennessee, the buckle of the pie belt).

My body is also adjusting to fewer calories.  I didn’t notice as many hunger pangs this week as I have in the past. And if I don’t feel hungry, I’m less likely to over-eat.

Win, win, win!

I still have a long ways to go (or is that weighs…) but I feel that I’m finally really on track and ready to lose these extra pounds, build some muscle and get fit,  strong and healthy!



  1. Kayleen says:

    Sorry your ankle got sprained! They are pretty painful to recover from…
    Good job on the weight loss!
    Wishing you well!

  2. Monica P says:

    Oh, no ! Sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope you recover soon.

    Good job on the weight loss! I really like myfitnesspal, although I’m not tracking right now, I’m going to get back to it in a week or two.

    Monica P recently posted..Energizer BunnyMy Profile

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