Sunday Pix: A stroll around SDSU

We moved to San Diego in August 2000 when my husband got a tenure-track teaching position at San Diego State University (SDSU). Over the years we’ve lived near campus, on campus and now in a house not too far from campus.  Our vacations revolve around spring breaks, conferences, summer breaks and sabbaticals. And I have taken classes there, taught henna workshops there, and worked there.

SDSU is a constant in our lives.  It’s a beautiful campus with many buildings in that lovely Mission style that Southern California is renowned for.  Here are a few photos from a few years ago when we used to live on campus as part of the Faculty-in-Residence program.  Much as I hated the 3am fire alarms (when the whole residence hall had to troop out into the parking lot until the Fire Department came to check it out and give the OK to return), dinners at the campus cafeteria, and the communal laundry room,  I did enjoy walking on campus and just enjoying the scenery.


Hepner Hall


A row of arches


An unexpected lovely corner

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