Monday Blog Love: Angst and glitter…

Today’s blog love goes to The Reluctant Femme, “Reviews, advice, and tips on all things femme from a foul mouthed feminist ranter, coming to terms with a love of looking pretty.”

Cassie, the author of The Reluctant Femme

Cassie, the femme in charge, writes and rants from Sydney, Australia about how-to wear make-up for folks who would really prefer not to, but must out of social pressure (i.e. job interviews), girly bonding with her mother over a mani-pedi adventure, accent nail colors as a possible queer femme code, and a love of all sparkly, glittery, holographic and wonderful nailpolish colors (if they happen to remind one of the eye of Smaug the dragon, all the better).  Her posts are witty, irreverent, questing, and always interesting.

I especially enjoyed the post called, “Work It, Princess” which starts with an exposition on Marie Antoinette and meanders its way through the inherent “specialness” of princesses to claiming your own princess-hood through something that makes you happy. And if shiny, sparkly nailpolish makes you feel like a princess, bring it on! It’s an intelligent essay on the archetype of the princess…brought down to real life.

That’s what I love about this blog; the loft, the angst, the searching, and at the end of the day it’s about finding out what makes your heart sing, what makes you feel powerful in relatively subserviant situtions, and claiming your happiness.



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