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It’s a sleepover with Baviphat!



귀여워  gwi yeo weo in Korean.

可愛 kě ài in Chinese

Kawaii - Simple Japanese Phrases Kawaii in Japanese.
Any way you say it, Baviphat has got a hold of the cute factor in Korean cosmetics! And Paprika Water Up All In One Sleeping Pack is darned adorable in it’s little bell pepper (aka paprika to non-US folks).

The Baviphat website is in Korean, which, alas, I don’t really speak or read.  So I had to look around to find information about this product other than what was on the package (mostly in Korean).


This blurb is from Miss Hong: Beauty Secrets from Korea which sells this product along with an excellent selection of other Korean beauties.

* Baviphat is one of the most popular Korean cosmetics brand which is launched in 2009.
Reasonable price, various functional products and beautiful case of products attract the women’s market.

– Contents : 65g

– Descriptions :
This sleeping pack contains of Adenosine and Arbutin which helps your skin to be bright and resilient.
Paprika extracts give moisture and soothe tired skin.

– Recommended to YOU : 
Have white dead skin cells?
Have dry skin?
Have skin lacking elasticity?
– How to use : 
After applying basic cosmetics in the evening, Get appropriate amount.
Put on your face.
Sleep with it. on the next morning wash it off with tepid water.

I found this cutie at Marukai Living in San Diego, and they also ship internationally, and chose it from among a confusing array of products in apples and tomatoes and lemons because it didn’t have a very strong scent.  I wasnt’ sure I could sleep with the strong apple or lemon fragrances! I also liked that its main objective is to hydrate the skin overnight.  At my age, non-greasy hydration is something I’m always looking for.


Look at the adorable spoon! And so practical so you don’t contaminate the product with your fingers!


It has a yogurt-like consistency and a light, cucumbery fragrance that disappears almost immediately.


A dab on the hand


It disappears completely after being rubbed in.

The product leaves my skin feeling very moist, but the best part is that in the morning, I still have that hydrated feeling with no greasy spots or breakouts.

I’ve also been using this on my hands as an overnight treatment and it helps combat my daily abuse (constant washing, using dyes and paints, etc.)

Do I like this product? Yes!  Although it claims to brighten, in additon to soothing and moisturizing, I didn’t notice any fading of my freckles.  But it does really do it’s job as a moisturizer!  And the next time I fly across country, I’m taking a dollop of this stuff in my carry-on to combat the dryness you get from being in a pressurized tin can.


  1. This review is really helpful, I like night creams a lot, and it sounds like it’s worth trying.

    As for brightening, it can’t whiten skin, it probably means it makes it look less dull (maybe has some glycolic or citric acid to lightly exfoliate dead skin). I love brightening because for me, my skin is always too dull, I have thick skin and I rudely exfoliate DAILY. Most people would bleed after what I do to my skin >_> But for me I have to or else I look like a dead person.
    Tiffany Martin recently posted..My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Sheet Mask ReviewMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Ah. When I see the word brightening, I think of kojic acid or licorice or some other sort of freckle fader. But mild exfoliation might achieve the same goal.

      I think maybe one of my goals should be to learn common beauty ingredients in Korean (and maybe Japanese and Chinese as well) so I can look at a list and know sort of what’s going on….

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